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Portable Bridge Systems

Our portable bridge is the culmination of a project begun in 1989 in a co-op effort between USDA Forest Service, WV Division of Forestry and West Virginia University. The intent of this co-op was seeking a method of crossing small streams that would be ecologically sound, economical, reusable, maintenance free and capable of handling extremely heavy loads. Our portable bridge design is the final result of several different designs and ideas.

Our professionally engineered, pre-stressed portable
bridge is certified to carry a maximum load of 80,000 #. It is designed to AASHTO Specification HS 20 (American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials)

The portable bridge is constructed of CCA Treated 2x10s and 2x12s that are pre-stressed and encased in steel channel. The patented shear key design allows the bridge to operate as a single, solid structure with the weight being distributed evenly across the entire bridge. It is designed for fast, easy installation with a dozer and/or boom truck.* For public use the alternative CA treatment will be used.

Our Bridge system meets the requirements of Virginia DEQ Specification 3.24 and we are currently working with several agencies in Virginia and West Virginia to utilize our bridge system for flood relief, temporary crossing into wetlands to perfom studies and for initial access to perform studies of areas being considered for housing developments.

Our portable bridge will assist drillers and loggers in meeting their BMPs for stream crossings by
minimizing stream siltation, keeping debris out of the waterway and minimizing erosion after the operation is complete.

  • Maintenance Free
  • Reusable
  • Inexpensive to install
  • Attractive to land owners
  • Can be used to overlay existing weight restricted bridges on small roads.
  • Minimizes stream siltation during use
  • No in-stream construction
  • Exceeds existing BMP guidelines for stream crossings
  • Other uses for the bridge system are large farms, housing developments and personal home sites.
  • Patented Shear Key Design (US Patent No. 5.603.134)
  • Portable and Reusable
  • 30- and 40- foot bridges designed for 20- and 30- foot maximum spans.
  • Two 6-ft panels make a 12-ft wide bridge
  • Engineered to carry loads up to 80,000 lbs.
  • Designed to AASHTO Specification HS-20
  • Can be installed with conventional logging or construction equipment
  • No permanent abutments required for temporary installations
  • Can be skidded to installation site

Engineered Portable Timber Bridges: Owner's Manual

To read a report by the US Forest Service regarding temporary portable bridges, click here

Click here to watch a drilling rig cross one of our bridges (WMV File - 950KB)

Click here to visit West Virginia University's Division of Forestry

Bridge under construction

Bridge under construction

Finished Bridge

Ellison and Haney Manufacturing Inc.
P.O. Box 3810 Charleston, WV 25338
phone: (304)344-9875 fax: (304)344-0852
email: info@eandhmanufacturing.com

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